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Esplendidos Sbn B

Cohiba Esplendidos Sbn B

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Esplendidos Sbn B



If you want to contemplate one of the best Churchills ever made by a Cuban " torcedor ", open your humidor with a royal slow and rigorous gesture. Take four or five seconds break while inhaling the great aroma given off by the marriage of all the Cuban cigars aging quietly. Look carefully with admiration to your reserve of Esplendidos. Respectfully, choose one of these spectacular Havanas. Bring up this noble masterpiece and admire it. Caress the oily wrapper... and smile. Then, take the cutter reserved for the legendary cigars, the cutter of great ceremonies, offered to you by your father or your best friend, and cut the edge with care. Go to your favourite chair... Relax. Contemplate again your Esplendidos, the product of a painstaking selection of the best leaves and the best rollers; only highly expert hands are able to produce a perfect Esplendidos.


Varnished box.


Length: 178 mm
Diameter: 18.65 mm
Ring gauge: 47

Before lighting up

Enjoy the exquisite honey and spicy notes that this Havana has forgotten on your lips. Take the necessary time to enjoy your cigar when it's " raw ".


Take a long match made of cedar, since their elegance brings a certain solemnity to the occasion. The flame must embrace the whole surface of the cigar end, from the first puffs taken. You're on the threshold of the paradise of aromas. Just enough strong to satisfy a connaisseur, the Esplendidos has a round heady smoke. Aromatic rich taste is marked by honey and spicy notes. The first third delivers some sweet hints. The full potential of this cigar becomes clear about one-third to one-half way through. You will discover some sweet cedar notes and a little bit drier spiciness. While tasting, contemplate the sustained steel-grey ashes. Ashes, as we all know, are the pleasure past, where the Havana is history.


Now, savour the latest great pleasure with the marvellous final, where all the aromas are married to offer a complex strong smoke, then lay your cigar calmly in your ashtray and let it die in peace.

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