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We guaranty authentic cuban Royal Coronas Tubos Box Of 10 cigars.

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Bolivar cigars


Royal Coronas Tubos Box Of 10

Bolivar Royal Coronas Tubos Box Of 10

Price: $155

10 cigars

Royal Coronas Tubos Box Of 10



In matter of tastes, this is a wild Robusto.
Overall, it's a very well made cigar. Now available in beautiful red Tubos (Sep 2009).

Before lighting up

Earthy with some woody and spicy notes.


This generous Havana must be controlled. Smoke it very slowly by taking small regular puffs.
This is a rustic Havana, delivering an earthy spicy smoke.


The final gives extra hints of black pepper. After a spicy dinner, with a great strong "digestif", light up a Royal Co.

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cuban Royal Coronas Tubos Box Of 10

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